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Hot, thick, seriously delicious french fries have been known to cause blissed out moments of joy. No joke.

Kind of like a warm towel fresh from the dryer.

Rolly-polly fuzzy puppy kisses.

Stretching your toes through flippy floppys on the first warm spring day.

New haircuts (Kari, thank you). Happy times.
I love ordering fries at a restaurant, though that infatuation can be a bit on the scary-obsessive side. It’s not easy to mutter the vague, “what kind of fries do you have?” when what I really want to know is, “Are they so good that you’ll probably sneak one off my plate before you bring our food to our table?” Yes? Oh, thank goodness. I’ll take em.

I know what you’re thinking. Sweet potato fries are not french fries. Read more →

Pasta Al Pomodoro

Let’s get something straight here: I like to read. Thrillers, comedy, cookbooks, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, bios of neat people. If it’s a good read, I’ll consume it greedily. Like french fries. I like to think I can read myself to sleep but then get so involved that suddenly it’s 2am and I need to get up for work in 5 hours.

Just one more chapter.

I mean it this time.
Right now I’m reading this fantastic series. The less bookish know it as an HBO Series that immediately made me want more; the catalyst in firing up the Kindle to seek out George R.R. Martin with an urgency that in pre-Whispernet days would have gotten me a speeding ticket. Read more →

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

We often think big when it comes to celebrating: birthdays, weddings, births, graduation. I love those things. Those things are exciting. Outfits planned, calendar reminders set, gifts purchased, outfits revisited, advance preparation celebration style. shredded-carrots

Oh, but there are so many things to celebrate. Yes, I’m about to say “little things.” Here it comes. Ready, set…celebrate the little things! Like an extra bag of fresh carrots in your fridge.


I’m celebrating several things this week. My very close friend from my college days is visiting this weekend and there will be tons of giggling and gushing as we discuss her upcoming nuptials over enough wine to turn your teeth purple for weeks. Girly girl-talk and wine. Celebrate! Read more →

Ginger Soy Grilled Salmon

It’s commonly accepted that the Midwest is the epicenter of “American Food.” Beef, corn, cheese, wheat, pork, apples, wild rice and cranberries are predominant in our little breadbasket of America.
Sure, we have our ubiquitous freshwater perch and walleye, but unless it’s Fish Fry Friday, fish was often overlooked as a main staple in this WI resident’s diet. Read more →