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Breakfast McJared Sandwiches

It’s been a weird week for driving. Maybe it’s the heat. Possibly a strange correlation with the moon phase. It could be that Call Me Maybe just came on again.

Egg English Muffin Salt and Pepper

I’ve had three unpleasant experiences in my car recently. Each incident was circumstantial with little to do with me other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but alas, resulted in the other driver succumbing to a form of road rage that involved curses mouthed in my direction, tailgating or a certain phrase loosely stated in sign language.

Red Pepper Green Pepper Red Onion

The most recent event really bugged me. I didn’t reciprocate the unkind gesture, partially because I was confused by the double arm waving (are you giving me the bird or taking flight? you’re not being clear). Read more →

Banana Walnut Pancakes

You know those productive weekend mornings.  The ones when you wake up with the sunrise, burn major calories on a nice long run, tug weeds out of that patch in the garden, venture inside and paint that trim piece you’ve been meaning to get to…  Yeah, I didn’t have one of those.

fresh bananas

I had all the right intentions.  My mental list was sorted and highlighted to include such activities as go for a run with the dogs, paint a second coat of Colonial Cobblestone in the bedroom, and put the mop to good use in the kitchen.   It just didn’t work out that way. Read more →