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We haven’t been home a lot this summer. What started as a simple pact to make a list of our favorite things to do in summer, put them on a calendar and then follow through has resulted in a very fun, very full sunny season.

cucumber mint

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Noooo, no no. It’s mid-August and I’ve been to waterparks, Alaska, a northwoods cabin, a downtown concert and several challenging (as in arduous, formidable, strenuous…hard) mountain bike trails. Aside from the bruises that I’m finally getting better at avoiding due to fewer falls into trees, rocks and well, my bike, it’s been fantastic. Read more →


We were nervous that our parties wouldn’t be as much fun as anymore. We really really REALLY really were.
Jared and I talked about the big old boat and our small old house. It was oh so convenient to trot through the backyard and get right on the boat. Like this:

People show up.
They get on the boat.
Parties happen.
They get off the boat.
Parties happen for longer inside.
They die down.
People sleep, then wake up and get back on the boat to start all over again.
red wine-brandy-lemon juice
We sold that boat. We sold that house (pending home inspection…fingers crossed. You too, k? Thanks.)

We bought a new boat and a new house. We opted for smaller (faster) boat, bigger (BIGGER) house. We were having an opposite day. It happens.  Read more →