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There isn’t an easy way to exit vacation-mode. All of the carefree living, instant gratification, fun-filled activities, excessive spending and escape from the norm makes you feel pretty darn fancy-free. Going back to normal? Pfft.

Halved Avocado

We zoomed around the majestic state of Alaska for 10 days in continuous view of glorious mountain ranges, endeavoring on activities such as exploring a world-famous National Park, floating blissfully on a glacier & wildlife cruise and dining on specialty fare in an Alaskan yurt. We went hiking and biking each place we visited. We got comfortably close to moose, whales, grizzly bears, sea lions and orcas. We enjoyed the best French Onion soup I’ve ever had the pleasure to spoon up. For someone with a great affection for words, I feel at a loss on how to explain to you just how amazing this state is in the summertime. There is always something to do and see any time of day or night (which is also day). You simply must go. Read more →